Books by
Doctor Neha

Books by
Doctor Neha

Communicate your way to health and happiness.

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Powered By Me

From Burned Out to Fully Charged at Work and in Life.

The goal of Powered by Me is not to merely teach you how to identify, prevent or recover from burnout. It’s to discover where you are on the spectrum from burnout to optimal wellness and how to recognize important visible and invisible information and exactly where you’re losing precious energy, so you can get on the right road to health, happiness and performance.

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Five Steps to Honest Conversations that Create Connection, Health, and Happiness.

Dr. Sangwan reveals practical yet profound communication tools that will strengthen your relationships, reduce your stress, improve your health, and save you time!

Discover Dr. Sangwan’s five steps to honest conversations that create connection, health and happiness in her book TalkRx.

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